2 Main Types of Bathroom Mirrors That Can Greatly Improve the Functionality of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most utilised and important rooms in homes because that is where personal hygiene routines such as hand-washing, bathing, showering, brushing and flossing of teeth, etc., are carried out. With a few well-thought-out additions, bathrooms can serve as more than just sanitary facilities. It all depends on the individual goals of the homeowner. 

With the addition of mirrors, bathrooms can be transformed into private grooming areas and even photo studios for homeowners and their families. In this regard, here are two highly functional types of mirrors that you should consider adding to your bathroom.

Wall-mounted mirrors

With the help of nails struck into the bathroom walls, bathroom wall mirrors can be conveniently placed in the bathroom. Homeowners simply have to identify the right spots for the placement of the wall mirrors. Bathroom wall mirrors can either be framed or frameless. Framed wall mirrors give a traditional look while frameless mirrors are ideal for modern bathrooms because they look more contemporary. 

Bathroom wall mirrors can come with built-in lighting to provide additional lighting in the bathroom, but also to make an interior design statement. Illuminated mirrors may be backlit or may have lighting along the edges. Nowadays, many people love taking selfies while facing their lighted bathroom mirrors. This is because well-lit mirrors help to eliminate any shadows that may be cast over a person's face while they are taking the photo. This, in turn, results in high quality photos. 

Free-standing mirrors

If you would love to use a mirror around your bathroom without having to constantly remove it from where it is installed, you should consider investing in free-standing mirrors. As their name suggests, these mirrors are not attached to any part of the bathroom and typically have their own stand. Free-standing mirrors are suitable for personal grooming and dressing up. 

Some free-standing mirrors are two-sided, with one side functioning as a standard mirror while the other works as a magnifying mirror. This way, you can use the magnified side for personal grooming routines such as making your hair and applying the eye liner and lipstick, while the standard mirror helps you check if you're dressed up nicely.

There are other different types of bathroom mirrors available on the market today. The above discussed bathroom mirrors are just a few of the many options you can choose from. For more information, feel free to consult a bathroom mirror specialist.