Shower Screen Maintenance: Three Essential Tips for Minimising Scum Build-Up

Glass shower screens are beneficial for installation in modern homes because they enhance the functionality and the appeal of the bathroom. However, if the surfaces become dirty and stained, the original beauty will fade, and the space will lose its hygienic state. In general, the stains on glass shower enclosures are caused by the build-up of soap and hard water minerals. If the glass is not cleaned, the materials will permanently change the appearance of the screen, and it could promote the growth of microbial organisms. If you would like to avoid the formation of scum on your enclosure, you should consider using the below-outlined tips.

Polish With Oil After Cleaning

You should think about using some oil on the glass shower screen after your regular thorough cleaning. Under normal circumstances, you should clean the enclosure using appropriate glass cleaners, disinfectants or home solutions to remove general dirt. Then, you should rinse the surface completely to eliminate streaks and stains. After you dry off the glass, you should finish off the cleaning process by applying oil on the surfaces. You can use lemon or orange-based oil such as furniture oil for ideal cleanliness and freshness. You should spray the oil on the glass and buff with a suitable cloth. Alternatively, you can apply the oil to a cloth and then wipe the glass. This layer of oil will prevent the build-up of scum for some time.

Choose Shower Gel Over Soap

You should minimise the use of soaps in your shower enclosure to prevent scum accumulation and glass staining. In simple terms, standard soaps are made using fats and oils which are not soluble in water. Therefore, these products will form a scum when you shower, and the material will get deposited on the enclosure, especially in areas with hard water. If you would like to avoid this effect, you should switch to a liquid wash such as a shower gel. This type of product will provide the same cleaning effects, but it will not cake like normal soap. So, your screen will remain cleaner for longer.

Clean With Squeegee After Showering

Soap stains and hard water minerals will build up on your glass screens if water is allowed to sit there for extended periods. Over time, this negligence can cause the enclosure to become permanently clouded and unappealing. Therefore, you should purchase a simple squeegee from your local store. This tool is perfect for cleaning the glass quickly and efficiently after your shower. You should encourage your entire family to uphold the practice.