What Homeowners Should Know About Foggy Windows

Have you noticed that your glass windows are beginning to look foggy? Read on and discover why you should take action promptly to fix the situation.

Why Your Windows Develop Fog

Windows that cannot become clear after they have been cleaned indicate that fog has accumulated on the inner surface of the window glass. The only way that such a situation can arise is when the seal around the double-glazed glass has developed cracks or leaks. Condensation can then move into the window each time there is a temperature difference between the inner surface of the window and the outer surface.

Why You Must Be Concerned

Foggy windows tell you that the inert gas that was forming a cushion between the window panes has escaped. Consequently, your home may have started losing conditioned air to the exterior of the home. You, therefore, need to use more energy to keep your home warm during the cold months of the year.

Foggy windows also signify that the silica pellets within the gap in the panes have been saturated with moisture and can no longer work anymore. Water is therefore likely to pool at the bottom of the window frame. This can expose any metallic components to premature wear due to corrosion.

Beware of the Wrong Remedy

Some homeowners may opt to "de-fog" the affected windows by drilling a tiny hole into the bottom of the frame. That hole allows any accumulated water to drain out. The homeowner then inserts a de-fogging product through the gap to prevent future fogging.

The approach above is bad because it doesn't address the cause of the problem. The home will still be poorly insulated since air from outside can get in through the gap in the sealant. Heat transfer also continues since the inert gas which was preventing the flow of heat from one pane to the other is no longer there.

The best remedy should entail addressing the cause of the problem (the deterioration of the sealant). This process could entail replacing the glass or even the entire window. One should, therefore, invite professional glass replacement experts so that the specific condition of your foggy windows can be assessed before selecting the best solution to the problem. Call the professionals quickly so that a bad situation does not get worse and you incur unnecessary expenses that you would have avoided if you had acted quickly before the damaged sealant caused a domino effect on the entire window structure.