3 Key Questions Before Doing Glass Repairs

Many questions may come into the mind of any homeowner who is confronted with damaged window glass. Should the window be repaired or replaced? Should the homeowner perform the repair or call an expert? This article discusses some of the questions which you should answer to decide on a course of action.

How Damaged Is the Window?

Find out whether the frame of the window has sustained any damage. Inspect the sash and confirm whether it is intact or damaged. It may be harder for you to handle the repair yourself if the sash or the frame is also damaged alongside the window glass. This is because the sash and frame can only be repaired by someone who has the right skills to restore the perfect alignment of those components. It is also better to replace any broken glass instead of attempting DIY repairs, which seldom bring lasting results.

Do You Have the Tools?

You need safety equipment, such as eyewear and gloves. You also need the right tools to remove the damaged glass without affecting the frame of the window. Glazier's points are also required to hold the replacement glass in place while you apply the putty. It may be more costly for you to buy all these tools and supplies when compared to hiring a professional who already has the needed equipment and supplies.

Have You Done it Before?

Experience in glass repair matters for several reasons. First, some types of windows require specific preparation before repairs can be conducted. For example, wooden window frames need to be cleaned, dried and then primed. Secondly, you need to take precise measurements to leave ample room for expansion and contraction of the new glass without compromising the performance of that window.

Experience is also required when working on a window which is located in a conspicuous section of your home, such as next to the front door. Any mistake which is made during the repair can detract from the attractiveness of your home. In short, your experience level should guide you when you are deciding whether you should take on a given repair job or call in the professionals.

Conduct an honest assessment of the situation based on your answers to the questions above. Hand over the job to glass window repair companies in case you discover that you fall short of what is required during any phase of the project.