4 Easy Ways of Maintaining Glass Surfaces in Your House

Glass splash backs, windows, tables, mirrors, doors and TV stands are some of the examples of glass surfaces that may be in your home. These surfaces are much more fragile than their wood, tile or brick counterparts and therefore require extra care. Below are 4 ways for easy and cheap ways of taking care of glass material at home.

1. Regular Cleaning

Glass can stain very easily. The simplest things such as water drops can leave ugly marks on the top of glass surfaces. Other things that easily stain glass are hand prints, dust, splashes from other liquids and food marks.

In order to prevent these stains from sticking and leaving unattractive marks, regular cleaning is a must. You can use a soapy water solution to wash the glass and then dry them with softened newspaper for the perfect finish. However, if the stains are not as many, use a homemade vinegar and water mixture at a 1-to-1 ratio, to keep the glass looking shiny and smelling fresh.

2. Do not apply unnecessary pressure on these surfaces

Whether you are exercising or your children are playing around, it is advisable to do this outside the house or at least in a room with no glass. If you undertake aggressive activities such as rope skipping, table tennis, soccer or wrestling around glass surfaces, you will end up replacing glass splashbacks and repairing windows more often than you want.

3. Keep them covered

Using curtains or blinders to cover glass windows and cloths to cover glass tables can help in reducing the amount of damage that may occur. You do not have to cover them throughout the day as their beauty has to be seen and appreciated. However, when using sharp objects such as knives or nails, cover the surfaces. This prevents scratching and chipping off of these fragile areas.

4. Put barriers and childproof them

Another effective way of protecting your windows and glass doors is by putting barriers over the glass top. This can be in form of mesh or metal grills. Not only does this protect the windows from easy breakage, you will also be increasing the general security of your house.

If you have toddlers, you can childproof glass tables and countertops by making them hard to reach. Keep your mirrors high and avoid houses with ceiling to floor windows. This way, you won't have to worry about repairing windows, glass splashbacks or more.