Benefits of a Glass Shower in Your Home

You might be considering updating your bathroom by installing a new glass shower screen. To help you focus on their varied benefits, consider the points below.

Creates a Bright Ambience

If you're looking for ways to open up a cramped bathroom, a glass shower is ideal. The transparent screens allow your eye line to stretch to the tiled wall behind the shower. This uninterrupted view makes a room seem larger. Conversely, shower curtains isolate a chunk of space from the room, visually shrinking the area. Because a frameless model is the most invisible, it will induce a spacious feeling more than framed and semi-framed enclosures that present more apparent contours.

Simplifies Cleaning

When selecting a shower, aesthetics may be what entices you to choose one model over another, but you should also consider ongoing maintenance requirements. Glass screens provide a smooth, non-porous surface that doesn't harbour germs, but debris and scum can build up, especially around metal hardware like framing, brackets and door handles. A frameless glass shower screen with the least hardware will simplify cleaning the most. In any case, glass showers are easy to wash with a glass cleaner, a squeegee, and a wipe around nooks and crannies. Conversely, shower curtains typically become infested with mould and mildew, creating a bathroom health hazard.

Offers Framing Variations

You'll have plenty of choices to harmonise a glass shower with your bathroom, as they offer distinct varieties. Framing, for instance, comes in different guises. Frameless models connect with brackets and hinges, and fully-framed models feature metal borders along the glass sides. For a sleek look and to render the shower almost invisible, install a frameless design. Full framing tends to give a bathroom a traditional or else a vintage vibe, especially if fitted with black-matte frames. Brass and silver provide other finish choices for the metal elements.

Safe and Strong

Once you invest in a glass shower, you can enjoy its safety for many years. They usually use one of two types of safety glass, toughened and laminated. Toughened glass goes through rapid heating and cooling, which renders the panels about four times tougher than standard float glass window panes. Because of this, the screens are unlikely to break, particularly if thicker and weightier. Even if toughened glass does suffer damage, it crumbles into harmless rounded cubes that won't cut anyone.

Laminated glass goes through a different process. It consists of two glass sheets that bond to either side of a plastic film in the middle. This sandwich is more robust than a single piece of glass, and in any case, the plastic holds the glass together if it shatters. Because showers use one of these two safety glass types, you can relax and enjoy the showering experience.