4 Reasons to Install Carbon Home Window Tints

Different window tinting films have different characteristics and benefits. If you aren't sure which type of tint to choose, then carbon film products are worth taking a look at. What are the advantages of using these tints in your home?

1. Get an Unusual Window Style

While some people like to install clear or reflective window tints, these styles might not suit you best. If you're looking for a different look for your windows, then carbon tints could be a good solution.

These tints have a subtle matt finish. They are usually non-reflective. While this finish can look striking, especially on a modern home, it is also subtle and highly understated. Your tints will complement your windows and the building as a whole without looking too bright or glaring.

2. Get Better UV Protection

While some films add useful tints to your windows to block out some sunlight, they might not always manage UV-rays that come in through the glass. These rays can be harmful to people if they sit in direct sunlight for long periods of time. They can also leach the colour out of furniture, soft furnishings and carpets.

Carbon film tints give you better protection against the harmful effects of UV-rays. These products block out UV light more effectively.

3. Get More Heat Reduction Benefits

While window films can darken your windows and absorb some light, some films won't do much to reduce the heat coming into your home. They trap heat and then allow some of it to come through the glass and inside the building. Your rooms might look less bright; however, they might still feel hot when the sun is at its height and shines directly on the film.

Carbon tints can reduce some incoming heat. They can trap and deflect heat away from your windows. So your rooms should feel cooler and less oppressive. You might even be able to turn your air conditioning down and save some money.

4. Get Stronger Windows

Most regular window tints won't add any strength to your glass. If something hits a window, say during a storm, then the glass might crack or break.

Carbon tints contain tiny carbon particles. These particles make the films stronger and more supportive than regular tints. If something were to accidentally hit your window, then the tint helps prevent any damage. You could avoid costly glass repairs or replacements.

To find out more about carbon films and their benefits, contact home window tinting services near you.