Why Glass Splashbacks Are The Smart Choice When Renovating Your Popular Kitchen

If you have a kitchen that often doubles as a family gathering place at the end of the day, you may be thinking about a renovation. After all, as this particular space is so popular, it makes sense to give it a refresh, so it'll be even more pleasant to be in and more functional as well. As part of your renovation plans, you need to think about changing your splashbacks. Why should you look at coloured glass here?

Dispelling The Fragility Myth

When you first think about glass, you may worry about its fragility. After all, what will happen if you hit this new installation with a heavy pot, sending shards of glass everywhere? In this situation, you needn't worry, as glass splashbacks are made from toughened materials and can resist impact and very high temperatures.

Making Cleaning Easier

You'll also find it a lot easier to clean and certainly less of a chore than acrylic tiles. You simply wipe it over with a soap solution and kitchen rug, and you won't need to worry about any bacteria buildup that could easily happen around tile grout.

Getting A Fun Vibe

Apart from the practicality and durability, you should choose glass splashbacks because they are fun. You can design with a splash of colour or a specific print, giving your new kitchen a modern and contemporary vibe. In other words, glass splashbacks are anything but plain, and you can go to town with your design before you buy.

Enhancing The Collective Mood

Many people believe that colours impact the way that people think and perform. Choose the appropriate colours for your glass splashbacks if you want to inject some spirit into those end-of-day family gatherings. In other words, steer away from darker colours and use bright shades instead. Sit down with your family and choose the right approach so that everyone is happy and those end-of-day get-togethers will all be positive.

Expanding The Room

If you use glass splashbacks instead of tile, you'll be surprised by how big the room will feel. The reflective surfaces will make it seem that the room is more expansive than it is and, in many cases, less claustrophobic.


Don't forget that if you are making an effort to renovate your kitchen, you want to ensure that it adds value to your property. A glass splashback is certain to impress any prospective homebuyer as well.

Getting Further Information

As you can see, there are many advantages involved in fitting a glass splashback instead of tile. Talk with your installation contractors, and they may also introduce you to some other benefits.