Questions You Might Have About Glass Shower Screens

Glass shower screens are a great choice for any bathroom, as they can help prevent cluttering up the look of a small space and also prevent overpowering a large shower enclosure or oversized tub. Because you have so many options for the hardware and type of glass you might choose for a shower screen, this piece can work in an ultra-modern home or in a space with very traditional decor. If you're thinking about a glass shower screen for a bathroom in your home, note a few questions you might have about this type of enclosure before you start to shop.

What does semi-frameless mean?

A framed shower screen, as the name implies, will have a metal piece around all four sides of the door or screen. This frame can be quite thick and attractive as it makes the door more noticeable and also adds some metallic elements to the bathroom. A frameless screen or door is without any type of frame and is attached to the wall with clips or hinges alone.

Semi-frameless is something of a cross between the two styles; this type of glass screen or door will have a channel at the top of the glass piece for added stability. A semi-frameless screen can tone down the look of a metal frame while still keeping the screen more visible than a frameless option.

Is the glass used for shower screens all the same?

The glass used for shower screens is made of safety glass that resists impacts, so it won't be likely to break even if you should slip in the shower and fall against the glass. However, you may be able to choose the thickness of glass for your shower enclosure. Framed or semi-framed glass may need to be thinner than frameless screens so that the glass can fit into its frame or channel. If you like the look of thick and heavy glass, you may need to choose a frameless enclosure.

Beyond the thickness of the glass, you can also choose clear, tinted, frosted, textured or etched glass. Tinted glass has a slight colour to it while frosted glass is completely obscured. Textured and etched glass have a type of pattern on the surface; this can provide privacy or just enhance the appearance of the glass itself. If you're unsure of the right thickness or design for your bathroom's shower enclosure, it can be good to visit a showroom where you can actually see and touch the glass in person, and then decide what appeals to you.