Things to Know When Switching to Frameless Shower Screens

Choosing your bathroom design is an important step in your home. Your shower is a pivotal part of this design. Frameless shower screens are a modern alternative. They give functionality to spaces that traditionally framed enclosures would make impossible while adding elegance to the overall look of the bathroom. That being said, there are a few things you should know before making the switch to frameless shower screens. The Benefits

4 Easy Ways of Maintaining Glass Surfaces in Your House

Glass splash backs, windows, tables, mirrors, doors and TV stands are some of the examples of glass surfaces that may be in your home. These surfaces are much more fragile than their wood, tile or brick counterparts and therefore require extra care. Below are 4 ways for easy and cheap ways of taking care of glass material at home. 1. Regular Cleaning Glass can stain very easily. The simplest things such as water drops can leave ugly marks on the top of glass surfaces.

3 Key Questions Before Doing Glass Repairs

Many questions may come into the mind of any homeowner who is confronted with damaged window glass. Should the window be repaired or replaced? Should the homeowner perform the repair or call an expert? This article discusses some of the questions which you should answer to decide on a course of action. How Damaged Is the Window? Find out whether the frame of the window has sustained any damage. Inspect the sash and confirm whether it is intact or damaged.

What Homeowners Should Know About Foggy Windows

Have you noticed that your glass windows are beginning to look foggy? Read on and discover why you should take action promptly to fix the situation. Why Your Windows Develop Fog Windows that cannot become clear after they have been cleaned indicate that fog has accumulated on the inner surface of the window glass. The only way that such a situation can arise is when the seal around the double-glazed glass has developed cracks or leaks.

Shower Screen Maintenance: Three Essential Tips for Minimising Scum Build-Up

Glass shower screens are beneficial for installation in modern homes because they enhance the functionality and the appeal of the bathroom. However, if the surfaces become dirty and stained, the original beauty will fade, and the space will lose its hygienic state. In general, the stains on glass shower enclosures are caused by the build-up of soap and hard water minerals. If the glass is not cleaned, the materials will permanently change the appearance of the screen, and it could promote the growth of microbial organisms.