Four Ways To Incorporate Glass Into Your Home

When renovating your home, you'll have a range of materials to select from to create beautiful designs in various rooms. Glass is one option that is both functional and aesthetic. Read on to discover three places to incorporate glass in the home.

Glass Cabinet Doors

To break up the monotony of solid opaque doors, install glass cabinet doors. They'll allow you to display beautiful dishware or other elements. Reserve several upper cabinets for this treatment to create contrast with the other cupboards. For a more opaque view into the cabinet, choose frosted glass through which shadowy shapes and colours show. Add to the beauty of frosting by etching in decorative patterns and motifs.


You can incorporate mirrors into the decor in numerous ways. Cover the closet doors in a bedroom or home office to give the illusion of expansiveness. The reflections will add depth and dimension to the space. Being full length, they'll allow you to check your grooming from head to toe with an all-over view. The shimmery glass will evoke a sleek, modern design. Alternatively, enclose smaller mirrors in decorative frames and place them around your home as stunning artworks. Maximise incoming daylight by placing them opposite or adjacent to a window.

Glass External Doors

A bright, airy home full of daylight creates a warm and welcoming ambience. One way to allow more of this natural resource to flow inside is with glass-panelled external doors. A wall of sliding doors opening to a lush backyard garden brings nature closer, and you can enjoy the view even in chilly weather from a cozy indoors. Front entrance doors with a decorative series of panels, some glass, provides the perfect welcome to a home. For added privacy, install frosted glass which is available in various degrees of transparency. You can make the view almost obscure or blur it slightly.

Shower Screens

To give the illusion of expansiveness in a bathroom, install a glass shower enclosure. You'll have a view of all corners, which will make the area appear larger. Smooth shower screens reflect light, maximising both window and artificial light. Choose from various enclosure shapes: rectangle, hexagon or round, and select between several framing options. Fully framed models feature metal trim around four sides of the panels, and semi-framed and frameless designs rely less on hardware for support. With minimal edging, the screens can almost become invisible. Options from your glazier will include frosted, toned and patterned glass which will add extra decorative appeal to the shower.